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>about the webmaster

oh shit it me!! i'm bugshuh, or bug, or jayce, the webmaster. i'm 19 and i use hy/he/they pronouns. i'm scared of the dark and i like muffins. i'm an INTP-T with virgo sun, pisces moon and libra rising. i kin spiritually and i have a spacehey which is a lot more personal, and where you can learn more about me.

i'm currently in college and unemployed, and i want to either become a journalist or a full-time NEET. in the meantime, most of my works are fanfiction. i also have an etsy where i sell kandi.

my adopts! my harem!

favourite stuff!
writing, collecting, art,
gyaru fashion, gamecube, 3ds,
vocaloid music, dark green,
wolves and seals, chesnaught,
transformers, slashers,
punch-out!!, MDUD,
komi can't communicate,
wotakoi, idolcorp

stuff i don't like!
insects ironically,
the dark, math, pop music,
mcu, bnha, aot, sp,
analog horror, mt. dew,
pokemon hgss, tea & coffee,